$100,000 (automobile collision) – woman suffered torn rotator cuff when a car turned in front of her.

$100,000 (automobile collision) – woman sustained neck and shoulder injuries in t-bone collision.

100,000 (policy limit) (automobile collision/wrongful death) – young child died when oncoming car crossed the center line and caused head-on collision.

$100,000 (policy limit) (wrongful death/automobile/farm tractor collision) – man drove into farm tractor which had turned left in front of him.

$180,000 (automobile collision) – man injured when struck by a car while he was crossing a residential street.

$210,000 (construction-site injury) – worker in apartments fell when he leaned against temporary balcony that was not strong enough to support his weight.

$340,000 (drowning/public premises claim) – young man drove his car into a lake via a public road that became an unguarded boat launch ramp.

$365,000 + $156,000 waiver of workers compensation lien (construction-site death of adult without dependents) – worker in trench died when struck by pipe being moved by a crane.

$450,000 (construction/premises liability) – man repairing roof of a strip center was injured when he fell through a perforated roof penetration.

$450,000 (construction-site injury) – worker injured when subcontractor did not observe safety standards in setting an electric transformer.

$490,000 (construction-site injury) – ironworker fell 40 feet when the fall protection system failed due to improper installation.

$550,000 + $360,000 waiver of workers compensation lien (construction-site injury) – worker injured back while working in confined space.

$750,000 (construction-site injury) – worker severely injured when he and his co-workers were permitted to remove concrete forms in an unsafe manner.

$975,000 (construction-site injury) – worker severely injured when roof trusses and block walls collapsed due to faulty construction methods and failure to observe safety requirements.

As my client was exiting a grocery store a delivery driver was entering the store, pushing a pallet of ice bags. The delivery driver struck my client, knocking him to the floor and causing him to suffer a shoulder injury.

My client suffered knee and ankle injuries when she slipped and fell on water that had accumulated on the floor of a store. We were able to demonstrate that the store employees should have known there was water on the floor and that the employees had sufficient time to dry the floor before my client fell.