Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be the most devastating of all injuries.  Brain injuries can not only rob you of your ability to care for yourself, they can rob you of your identity and may require a lifetime of specialized care. You need a lawyer who has experience with cases involving severe and complex brain injuries.

Unlike a broken bone that is clear from an x-ray, brain injuries can be more difficult to prove and sometimes go undiagnosed. I like to work closely with my client to make sure he or she receives the proper medical care so that we can begin to put the pieces back together.

Once we are satisfied that the brain injury has been properly diagnosed and treated, I spend a lot of time with my client and the family to identify what they need so that they all can live as normal of a life as possible. This may include ongoing therapy, in-home care, or physical modifications to the home. Significant brain injuries may also result in a permanent inability to work.  I employ life-care specialists and wage-loss experts to identify the true cost of the injury so that you and your family can get the compensation you deserve.

Brain injury claims require thorough investigation and preparation, and the earlier the brain injury is diagnosed and the proper treatment begun, the better the chances for a good recovery.

The longer you wait to hire an attorney, the more difficult it may be to obtain the compensation you deserve.