Chad Hanefeld

Principal Attorney

I have practiced in civil litigation for my entire career since graduating from law school in 1996. I started my career as a defense attorney, representing insurance companies and their policyholders in lawsuits filed against them for matters ranging from small personal injury claims to claims for wrongful death.  In 2003 I changed my focus from the defense of lawsuits to the representation of injured persons and the loved ones of people killed as the result of the negligence of others.

I received my undergraduate degree from Indiana University – Bloomington in 1993, and my law degree from Indiana University – Indianapolis in 1996.  I was admitted to the Indiana Bar in 1996, and was admitted to practice before the United States District Court for both the Northern and Southern districts of Indiana that same year.  I have also completed OSHA coursework to assist in the representation of workers injured in construction-site accidents.

I have served as a lecturer at attorney seminars on topics which include: “Proving and Disputing Damages,” (National Business Institute); “Identifying Third-Party Tort Claims for Construction-Site Injuries,” (Indiana Trial Lawyers Association); “Strategies for Successfully Trying the Automobile Injury Case in Indiana,” (National Business Institute); “An Insider’s Look at Gaining the Best Settlement in Auto Injury Cases in Indiana,” (National Business Institute); “Successfully Pursuing Third-Party Tort Claims for Construction-Site Injuries,” (Indiana Trial Lawyers Association); “Personal Injury Trials: Getting the Most Out of Your Evidence,” (National Business Institute); “The Art of the Settlement,” (National Business Institute); and “Personal Injury Trials: Calculating and Proving Damages” (National Business Institute).

In my career as a plaintiff’s attorney I have had the privilege of representing clients in many different types of cases, including automobile collisions, large truck accidents, drowning, premises liability claims including slips, trips and falls, and construction-site injury claims arising from trench collapses, unsafe trenching work practices, unsafe steel erection practices, unsafe roofing practices, negligent crane operation, negligent construction-site vehicle operation, unsafe scaffolding erection and unsafe scaffolding work practices.  I am often hired by other attorneys to assist them with their construction-site injury claims.


I believe in an open line of communication between my client and me.  You want a lawyer who will talk to you when you have questions. Paralegals and legal secretaries are wonderful people, but when you call with questions or concerns you deserve to be able to talk to the lawyer you hired, rather than a staff person.  You deserve a lawyer who will work alongside you to identify your goals to get the result you want.

Hopefully this will be the only claim you ever have, so you deserve to have your lawyer’s full attention.  Some lawyers pay more attention to what they want out of the case than what the client wants.  That is unfair to the client and produces bad results.  100% client satisfaction is my goal.  Your satisfaction is my mission.

The best results are only achieved through hard work and dedication. This is the only way to force the insurance company to offer a good settlement.  If you want to get the best settlement, your lawyer must fully prepare your case to demonstrate to the insurance company that you will fight for what you deserve.  Hard work and case preparation is not flashy, and you do not see it on television or in commercials, but it is the surest way to get you the best result and it is what every client gets from me.

If you have a claim for personal injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one it is important that you call me right away so that I can begin working hard for you. There may be vital information or valuable evidence that could disappear if you do not act quickly. Call or email me right away to preserve your case and to protect your rights.

I represent clients with personal injury or wrongful death claims throughout all of Indiana.  Whether your claim arose out of an automobile collision, an incident on someone’s premises, or occurred while you were working on a construction site, call or email me to schedule your free consultation.