A Madison County jury returned a verdict in favor of my client, and awarded the compensation my client had been seeking for more than 3 years.

My client, a retiree, spent his winters in Florida. While he was in Florida, a water pipe broke and leaked water inside his house. Fortunately, his niece discovered the leaking water pretty early when she stopped by to check on the house. She shut the water off at the master control valve in the garage. Damages were minimal — wet carpet in two rooms but no other damage to the house. My client decided he would wait to get the water pipe fixed until he returned to Indiana in the Spring.

When my client’s water softener company came to his house to deliver salt, the delivery person turned the water supply back on. This caused extensive damage to my client’s house because my client’s niece did not discover the running water until she stopped by the house again three weeks later. My client spent more than $77,000 to repair his house.

My client reported the damages to the water softener company which, in turn, reported the claim to its insurance company. The water softener company’s insurance company denied my client’s claim. The insurance company insisted that the water softener company employee did not turn the water on.

During the litigation, we confirmed that the water softener company’s employee did turn the water on. Incredibly, the water softener company denied that it ever told its insurance company that its employee did not turn the water on. Ask yourself, how did the insurance company think it could get away with claiming that the employee did not turn the water on when, in fact, he did turn the water on? It took the jury only an hour to decide that my client deserved to be compensated for his damages.

The lesson to be learned is to always remember that an insurance company will sometimes do or say anything to avoid having to compensate you for your damages.