The Indiana Supreme Court just handed down a decision that is a big victory for injured people who are forced to fight their own insurance company to recover the damages they deserve. In State Farm v. Kimberly Earl and the Estate of Jerry Earl, Jerry Earl was severely injured in a motor vehicle collision with a hit-and-run driver. Mr. Earl made a claim for damages to his own insurance company, State Farm, under his uninsured motorists coverage. Even though Mr. Earl was making an insurance claim under his own insurance contract, State Farm argued at trial that the jury should not be told about how much insurance coverage Mr. Earl had bought. The trial court judge ruled that the jury should know about how much insurance coverage Mr. Earl had bought and paid for, and the Indiana Supreme Court agreed.

This is a big win for the people of Indiana and a reminder that no matter how powerless the insurance company tries to make you feel, justice can and does prevail.